How to Use Graphic



Inverting is as easy as 1..2..3


Use Position 1 Use Position 2 Use Position 3 Use Position 4

Step into unit and place pelvic area tight against thigh pad. Thigh pad should not rest on stomach area. If you have a longer torso but shorter legs you may need to place a sturdy book or platform to stand on during the inversion process.  This will also help in the dismount process.


Lean forward while holding handle grips. To raise restraint bar, raise one foot.  Grasp side-grips and tip forward. Continue to M-Beam until fully inverted. Relax‚Ķ..   This is the correct position for natural traction to occur. Height adjustment may be required as user begins to stretch out. Be sure that head is not touching floor during inversion. Adjust height and femur dial if necessary to ensure that only your thigh is on thigh pad and that you are hanging straight. Thigh pad should be fairly level (as shown in picture).